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As I offer so many services for the small business owner if there is something that you don't see or you aren't quite sure where you quiet fit into the services below please feel free to contact me first so I can further explain or I can tailor something specifically for your business needs as every business is very different.
I offer casual hourly rates or monthly retainer packages to ensure your Assistant service requirements are taken care of each and every month. Whether you are a small business on a budget or want to take your business to the next level, my offerings are ideal for your business needs.  Below is a list of all the tasks I can assist you with.



A monthly retainer package is a contract between myself and the client to agree that I will work a certain amount of hours per month at an agreed rate. If you want a guarantee that I will be available when needed, then the monthly retainer is the answer. Receive up to $25 off my standard hourly rate by subscribing to a minimum monthly retainer because I have the security of knowing I have those guaranteed hours on monthly basis from my client. Perfect for those who require tasks to be completed on an ongoing and regular basis. 

During the onboarding process, I speak to my client and discuss the type of work required. The client then selects the package which best suits them, and away we go. All packages are pre-paid.

I use my accounting software in the Time tracking section where I have all my clients listed, and I literally hit stop and go as I stop and start work. If the phone rings, for a potty break or if I need a cuppa, I stop the clock!

The minimum number of hours on a retainer is 4 hours per month.

The Personal Assistant Package

Tasks included with The Personal Assistant Package Option:


  • Proofreading

  • Loading videos and workshop into courses/memberships

  • General Email Writing

  • Setup up funnels, landing pages

  • Research new software

  • Follow up of clients when they don't complete tasks or contracts

  • Schedule clients, set up a calendar and handle cancellations

  • Setup and send out client contracts

  • Send client invoices

  • Set up the formatting, links and images for blog posts

  • Answer customer service or support emails

  • Sort through inbox every morning - deciding and marking what is urgent

  • Setup email auto-responders

  • Create a daily to-do list

  • Create email filters and managing spam

  • Manage contact list

  • Schedule calls/interview/consults

  • Create and manage spreadsheets

  • Data entry in documents

  • Sort through email

  • Update/monitor software subscriptions

  • Organise Dropbox/Google Drive

  • Create Document Templates

  • Personal Errands

The Creative Assistant Package

Tasks included in The Creative Assistant Package Option:


  • Develop strategic marketing plans to support your business

  • Branding Kit - Style guide with typography and colour palette

  • Branding – Ensure brand consistency throughout online digital marketing presence

  • Formatting – Check all branding is consistent on publications and communications

  • Create graphics (in Canva)

  • Create pdfs, workbooks or newsletters

  • Search for and/or edit photos in social media

  • Social media audits

  • Caption writing for social media platforms

  • Comment response on social media platforms

  • Manage social media scheduling and repurposing

  • Create slides for presentations

  • Prepare Training Materials

  • Graphic design - email signatures, letterhead, brochure, flyers, menus, cards, shopfront signage, and more



  • Create Facebook pages and groups

  • Promoted Facebook pages and groups

  • Manage inbox

  • Click “like” when anyone responds to your posts

  • Create Facebook Cover that changes weekly

  • Upload videos to biz page

  • Check stats weekly on biz page

  • Launch Facebook ads

  • Monitor ads

  • Review Facebook pages like yours

  • Analyze patterns and success on Facebook pages like mine

  • Make a list of promo days in Facebook groups you're a member of and post your offerings on those days.



  • Post daily photos

  • Manage DM’s

  • Interact with new followers

  • Research top and trending hashtags



  • Create pinnable and fresh pins

  • Schedule and track pins

  • Update page

  • Interact with followers

  • Upload all photos and videos that relate to your blog posts to Pinterest and

  • back to your blog

  • Create boards that relate to your varied interests and brands

  • Cultivate additional content for future posts related to your ICA

  • Create images in Canva

  • Research key terms for content analyze best time to post

  • Print monthly analytics



  • Create and manage LinkedIn Profile and Page

  • Interact with followers

  • Copy and paste blog post text into the publishing tool, include images and links.

The Tech-Savvy Assistant Package

Tasks included in The Tech-Savvy Assistant Package Option:



  • Create landing pages

  • Creating a Website

  • Project Management and Training Tasks

  • Domain Search

  • Put testimonials on the website

  • Go through every page and look for broken links and outdated information

  • Manage, update and customise your website

  • Website security

  • Install and update plug-ins

  • Payment integration with your website, accept credit cards online

  • Create a membership website

  • Speed-up your website by optimising pages

  • Basic HTML and CSS changes to your website

  • Create forms on your website

  • Set-up e-commerce store

  • Add products and descriptions to your e-commerce store

  • Examine and fix broken links

  • Setup custom 404 error page

  • Setup SSL security for your website



  • Overall Site analysis

  • Keyword research for blog content

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Update on-page keywords and meta description tag

  • Update and optimise alt descriptions for images setup and submit sitemap to Google

  • On-page optimisation

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Perfect for those who require tasks to be completed on an irregular and ad-hoc basis. My casual option has no commitment and is totally flexible. Requires a minimum booking of two hours. Time is recorded in 15-minute increments. But if this isn't for you, maybe my retainer packages are where you can SAVE up to $25 per hour.

The Personal Assistant - $75 per hour
The Creative Assistant - $85 per hour
The Tech Savvy Assistant - $100 per hour


My Power Hours are the perfect way to talk through a particular problem you're facing, to gain a walkthrough of a system or process you're not familiar with, or to gain some clarity and guidance on an idea you're working on.



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